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Tuesday, 28 May 2019

ASF Jobs 2019 Written Test Preparation Online Syllabus Wise Mcqs Part 4

I am Sharing in This Post All the past paper MCQ's these Question by parts this part is Part 4 are very help full for the Preparation Of (ASF) Airport Security Force Post Corporal, Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI), NTS,ITS,PTS,OTS Test. So Read All these Question Very Carefully and prepare the test

Correct answer is Bold and Italic.

26. Tahir rode hs bike 2 miles on Monday 2-5/8 miles on Tuesday and 2-1/8 miles on Wednesday. How many miles did he ride in all?
             A) 6
  B) 6-1/2
  C) 6-3/4

27. Farhan makes desks to earn extra money. In the spring he built 4 times as many desks as he did in the summer. If he made 85 desks altoghether, how many desks did he build in the summer?
            A) 17
            B) 68
            C) 85
            D) 98
28. Ahmad’s family left the house at 4:15 am and reached islamabad after 5 hours 20 minutes. What was the time when they reached islamabad.
            A) 8:35 am
            B) 9:15
            C) 9:35
29. Book A has a total of 28 pages, 16 of which are text and 12 of which are pictorial Book B has a total of 35 pages, all of them either text or pictures. If the ratio of the number of pages of text to the number of pages of pictures is the same for both books, them Book B has how many more pages of text than book A?
            A) 1
            B) 2
            C) 4
            D) 5
30. Sin2+Cos2=
            A) 1
            B) 5
            C) 9

Intelligence Questions

31. Find out the wrong term in the following series.
            A) 4
            B) 32
            C) 64
            D) 96
32. If FRAGRANCE is written as SBHSBODFG, how can IMPOSING be written?
            A) NQPTJHOJ
            B) INQPTJOH
            C) JNQTPJOH          
            D) NQPTJOHJ
33. Arrange the following in appropriate sequence:
            I)  Gold
            II) Iron
            III) Sand
            IV) Platinum

            V) Diamond

            A) II,IV,III,V,I
            B) III,II,I,V,IV

            C) V,IV,III,II,I

34. If A and B are brother, C is the sister of A, D is brother of E, E is daughter of B, then who is the uncle of D?
            A) A
            B) B
            C) C

            D) D

35. Find odd one out.
            A) 25631
            B) 52163
            C) 33442
            D) 34424
36. Find out the right letters for the questions marks.
      A M B N E I F J C O D P G K ? ?
            A) MN
            B) LM
            C) HL

37. Sailor is to Air Force then  Airmen is to ..
            A) Shopkeeper
            B) Army
            C) Navy

            D) Cobbler

38.which one is different from the rest?
            A) Melon
            B) Carrot
            C) Mango
            D) Orange

39. Dog is to Puppy as Cat is to:
            A) Mouse
            B) Fish
            C) Kitten
            D) Meow

40. A is to E as C is to …….
            A) F
            B) D
            C) H

            D) G

41. What letter comes Alphabetically in order in the word DRAWING?
            A) W
            B) A
            C) R

            D) G

42. In a certain code language , ‘po ki top ma’ means ‘Uzma is playing cards’; ‘kop ja ki ma’ means ‘Aysha is playing tennis’; ‘ki top sop ho’ means ‘they are playing football’; and ‘pe sur kop’ means ‘cards and tennis’. Cards and tennis’. Which word in that language means ‘Aysha’?
            A) Ja
            B) Ma
            C) Kop
            D) top

43. Pick the odd one out;
            A) Yellow
            B) Red
            C) Green
            D) Gold

44. Which term comes next in the following series?
            YEB, WFD,UHG,SKI,?
            A) QOL
            B) QGL
            C) TOL
            D) QNL

45. Which of the following is the same as Flood, Fire, Cyclone.
            A) Accident
            B) Rain
            C) Earthquake

            D) Damage

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